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How do you know if you developing the skills needed to be a critical reader?

Critical reading means that not only does the reader read to obtain the content knowledge (what information or message the author is sharing), but additionally, the reader has to read for a level of understanding through which he or she can evaluate the writing. More importantly, however, the students will be able to have those critical conversations with the author that will engage them in what they are reading and deepen their understanding.

Questioning TextCritical reading requires the reader to ask the hard questions: "Do I believe what I am reading?" "Does it make sense?" "Is the argument compelling?" "Is the evidence provided sufficient and credible?" "What is missing?" "What is most important?" "How does this fit with what I already know?" "How is this useful to me?" "What do I need to do with this information?" When students read critically, information in the book comes alive and they remember what they read. Some of the questions go unanswered; "Why do you bring this up?" "How does this fit in?" "What were you thinking?" "Where is your evidence?"

To Do lists

The student also makes "to do" notes to himself of the need to look for more information online, to refer to the dictionary, to check facts, or to talk to someone about this topic.

Making Comments and Connections
Some of the margin notes are simply exclamations of support: "Good thinking!" "That's right!" "Awesome!" "Great idea," while others are pejorative labels: "That is stupid!" "Seriously?" "Wrong!" "Get a grip!" "No way!"Books that are critically read also contain non-linguistic stars, circles, happy faces, sketches, and highlighted or underlined phrases that identify critical topics that the students would like to reference in the future.

The Invention of Hugo Cabret By Brian Selznick

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Book Reviews

To write a book review for Tracey to earn a 'pizza' for the wheel you will need to include:
Book Title
Genre (mystery, adventure, fantasy etc
Who it would be suitable for and why
A blurb about the book without giving too much away
Perhaps what it reminded you of (making connections)
Examples of Book Reviews

This is Lyric's Book Review. Tracey said this would be good model to help you write your book review.
Rememebr you can also write your book review online. Use the link on our school website, under classrooms.
You will need your login details. Your last name and your first initial.
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Reading models to help us write better

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 6.00.30 AM.pngRemember that finding the right words to use is more about reading than writing. Great writers create great language not because they write so well but because they are alive to the wonderful way words create meaning in the minds of their readers. To do this, they have to be a great readers, too. Hunt down great language when you read.

WALT read like a writier
How will we do this?
  • Hunt down great language –good word choice, sentences that sing, satisfying phrases – pay attention to unusual words and phrases
  • Be a word nerd
  • Be aware of levels of meaning – literal and figurative
  • Notice how the author has structured their writing, how do they hook in the reader, link paragraphs, have a satisfying ending?


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