What would a positive learning community look like?

What would we value?

WALT describe

Our shared understanding of 'COMMUNITY'

WALT define
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Asking the right questions ....

What's the story behind the name of your road?

Who can you ask?
What questions would you ask?

2017 Elections - Latest prediction

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Latest prediction for Election voting August 21

Current seats in Parliament

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SOLO - Structure of Observed Learning Outcomes

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A system is just a whole lots of parts woking together equally. If one part is missing the system won't work as well.

A system is also a way of doing something , like a routine or method.

There can be systems within systems.

The more we understand systems, the better we understand the world.

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 6.00.08 AM.pngResearch - What are the parts that make up our weather system?

- Which ones have the most influence?

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 6.00.37 AM.png Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 6.21.13 AM.png Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 6.21.34 AM.png
  1. Watch the movie about weather
  2. List what influences our weather
  3. Decide what are the main influences that 'drive' our weather?
  4. Draw a diagram of the hydrologic cycle (water cycle)

Use the Inquiry Model to research your own system.

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You have been showing your understanding of systems in lots of different ways:

  • models

  • posters

  • slide shows

  • movies

Now it's time to check in with your learning...

Write an Information Report on your system. - You'll find a template on Google Classrooms

Use the learning verbs to help you structure your report

Define - What is your system?

List - What are the parts of your system?

Classify - What does each part do?

Evaluate -Is one part more important than the other?

Predict - What happens if a part is missing?


Imagine - What can you make/do with your system?

Sequence - What are the instructions to make your model?


Compare - Explain how your system show you understand the big idea of systems


..............Finally - Now Reflect
Use the SOLO rubric to reflect on your learning in each of the inquiry steps.
Set some goals for your learning next time.

Global Interaction

What's the Big Idea?
Global connections create opportunities and challenges for people, places and environments.

Key Question

How does Global Interaction affect me? Broadlands? New Zealand? The World?


This is our Brainstorm of what we think Global Interaction means.

Can you give a definition in your own words?


These are some examples of events or issues that would result in Global Interaction.

photo (3).JPG

Compare and Contrast

How has interaction with the world changed the way we shop for groceries?
History of Grocery Shopping


Analyse - Look From All Sides

- Cause and Effect

We have been influenced a lot by America with Fast Food choices. What are some of the positive and negative effects of this global interaction on us in New Zealand?


Evaluate - Predict

- Generalise

Sushi and Burritos are becoming more and more popular. What is the influence?
What might happen in the future to the larger Fast Food industries?


Your turn to undertake your own inquiry....

Choose a topic or issue you would like to inquire into. What effects or influences has this had on the world through Global Interactions. What are some opportunities or challenges that have come about as a result of these Global Interactions. How does it affect New Zealand? Broadlands? Me?

Your inquiry should answer these questions.

Here's another tool to help you understand the Science Investigation process.

How is it the same or different from our class poster?

Use this slide show to 'Check In' with your learning.

How are you going with your Inquiry Skills? What do you need to work on?

The Scientific Method Click here to learn the steps.

Science: Investigate the Properties and Change of Matter

Our Big Ideas for Learning:
Science is a way of explaining the world. Science is empirical and measurable. This means that in science, explanations need to be supported by evidence that is based on, or derived from, observations of the natural world.

Investigating in science

Build on prior experiences, working together to share and examine their own and others’ knowledge.
Ask questions, find evidence, explore simple models, and carry out appropriate investigations to develop simple explanations.

Communicating in science

Begin to use a range of scientific symbols, conventions, and vocabulary.

Understanding about science
Appreciate that science is a way of explaining the world and that science knowledge changes over time.

Participating and Contributing

Engage in science experiments and share ideas thoughtfully.

Here's a really cool site for inquiring into lots of science topics.

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Technology Challenge: What Can I Do To Make A Difference?

Think of a Technology project that you can get your teeth stuck into.
Remember that ideas for Technological Outcomes and Technological Product usually start from a problem or a need
Some of our projects on the go are:
  • Garden design for Room 4/5
  • Knitting Bomb
  • Art Shed Storage
  • Pencil Case/Tote Tray Storage
  • Disco Planning
  • Market Day Planning
  • Moveable toy that does not require power
  • ?
  • ?

Remember to follow the Technological Process - ( see flow map on our display)

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 6.44.41 am.png

We are learning how to create an effective Design Brief.

A design brief helps to structure your thinking and planning before you start to gather equipment and begin building, creating or making something. A good design brief will help to 'nut out' problems, reduce wastage of time, materials and energy.

Here is an example of an effective design brief.
Notice how it is different from instructions or a diagram.
Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 5.04.13 pm.png

Technology - We are learning about technological systems.

Can you make a toy using a type of technological system?

Watch these you tube clips to get some ideas.