What does effective Buddy Reading look like, sound like, and feel like?

How will we know if we are doing an excellent job?

Looks like ...

Our buddy follows along with the reading

- eyes are on the book and pictures

- sitting still

We are sitting knee to knee and elbow to elbow (side by side)

- book is on the floor between us

Sounds like...

Tuakana reading:

Reading expressively so we model 'reading like talking'

Discussing the story and pictures in a quiet voice

Teina reading:

Having a go at all the words

Reading in a quiet voice making thier reading 'sound like talking'

  • What you can say to Teina to help them when they are stuck:
  • Get your mouth ready with the first sound, stretch it out
  • Look at the parts of the word you know
  • Start again( re run ).
  • Miss it out and carry on, then go back and try.
  • Think about what would make sense.
  • Does it make sense?
  • Does it look right?
  • Do we say it that way?
  • wait 10 seconds then help out.
  • tell them to look at the pictures to.

Feels like ...

good,proud,fantastic,spectacular,amazed,happy,calm,friendly, exited for next time,splendid,caring,sharing,learn more friends,think the big kids are big brother and sisters.